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About the author

I write sizzling hot romance for people who like leaving the peskiness of reality at the door. My steamy stories are there to make a reader's heart race and touch them in all the right places.
You will dig spending time in my books if:

-You like your romance dirty but safe (no deceitful, cheating bastards allowed here!)

-You have a *slight* obsession for hunky, manly Alpha heroes (human and supernatural alike).

-You think hotness in ladies comes in all kinds and shapes.

-You like to laugh, smile, get teary-eyed and... over-heated.

-You want to read something that can guarantee you a happily ever after and won't take you forever to finish.

-You don't furrow your brows in front of super insta-love.

-You are the kind of person who sees way-over-the-top cheesy, saccharin sweetness in a plot and goes: Awww!

You can find me online at: