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About the author

Prince started his entrepreneur journey at a very young age, at the age of 13 to be precise. School was of no interest to him as he did not found anything being taught in school worth learning but he was forced by his parents to complete school. He knew that he wanted to become someone who is known by the whole world but he was quite uncertain about how he will do that. Most of his free time were being devoted to how to start a business, how to earn a lot of money but little did he know at that time that the journey was going to be so long and unplanned.

After nearly six years of learning, hardwork and failures, he can say that he finally made it. He achieved what his heart desired. The journey was not easy but it was worth it. That moment when you make your first $1000 is unforgettable and once you feel that, you become unstoppable.

Not only has Prince been able to build himself an online money making system that works but he has also learned a lot along the way. This was never his goal to share his knowledge and expertise with the world. But after seeing how people were getting scammed, in debt and worse in depression, he decided to step out of his private life and help people.

Prince believes that the main cause of all these problems is the lack of knowledge. People don't really know what they are doing. The fake 'gurus' out there are making huge money by selling bias and completely wrong courses to people who are trying to get out of all these and leave financially free. By selling the wrong knowledge, you can make millions as people will keep on buying what they believed would be good now but in vain.

How beautiful this world would have been if instead of pulling each other down, we would all help each other reach new heights - Prince

While writing his first ever ebook, Prince had only one vision in his mind; to help people from the heart and to never turn his audience into a depressed being buying every pieces of shit. Everyone advised him not to give away so much information and knowledge in his first attempt or else, he would not have any topic left for other ebooks, which he completely denied. He gave away every real information that everyone trying to be financially free should know. The Real Passive Income Nobody is Talking About was made in good faith, hence why, Prince is giving everyone Free access to a private messaging platform where not only everyone will be able to get experts help for their business, finance, etc, but also to network with like minded people. On top of that, everyone wanting to start their own business, will be getting Free mentorship and guidance from Prince himself and other experts. Together we can achieve great things.

Prince also stated several times that he does not want loyal buyers or employees but loyal family who help each other no matter what. We rise by lifting others!