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About the author

I'm a mom of 6. Yes, you read that correctly. Please don't question my life choices I'm already questioning them enough for everyone. I decided middle of 2016 that writing was something I could do and given I stay at home already I have time to try. Well, it took me about a year to get my first book out and I was hooked. I had stories flowing through my head and screaming for the chance to be written first. Now I have voices in my head daily and I worry I'm going to be locked in a padded room if I mention it to anyone, so SHHHH it's a secret. Fall in love with my voices as much as I have and just accept that they are friendly. No one is telling me to do bad things (except write unwanted cliffhangers and cause mischief.)

I live in the middle of nowhere with my family and unlimited cats (females produce a lot of kittens because I let them whore around) and chickens. Sometimes I can't tell which ones are actual chickens or kids. I have a coffee addiction and I struggle to write instead of reading books on my TBR. I tend to produce book rather quickly. After my first release, I had to get the words out so my 2nd book released 5 months later. Followed by the 3rd book coming out 2 months after that (I did some simultaneous writing of book 2 and 3). My most recent release came out 4 months after that. There has been a lull between my 4th and 5th books but that was due to health reasons. You can expect me to get on track in the coming year.