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About the author

To describe Michelle as, "average," is like saying Mount Snowdon, "is a bit of a hill in North West Wales." Writing is one of her passions, along with photography, music and computers. (She's a very passionate person.)

Michelle was born in Wales and has Greek and German ancestry. She now lives in England but spent some time working in The Netherlands for an American company, so counts herself as being a little international!

Because she had the audacity to ask a publisher what they were short of, her first short story was published in 1995 and that led to her first book in 1996. With a career in IT, she spent a couple of years working in Europe, and learned all the really useful phrases like, "Ein weiss bier bitte," (A white bier please) and, "mein Freund bezahlt." (my friend pays)

She has also spent a few years as a BDSM submissive, which was a very positive part of her life; contrary to what various exaggerated fiction stories would have people believe.

Now living with her mother in Sussex, in the UK, Michelle spends her free time trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious sign on her back that says, "Will repair computers for wine." Her idea of a relaxing time is with friends, in a riverside country pub, with a ploughman’s lunch and a nice, cold pint of cider. Most of her reading these days consists of very large I.T. technical manuals. She doesn't suffer from insomnia.

As she works on different sites and can't always plan where she will eat lunch, Michelle keeps camping cutlery in her handbag and has adopted the latin phrase, "Paratum semper nam esca," or, "Prepared always for food." - Her author site is at