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About the author

I am Old but not New
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Let me share a little about myself. I am a newly published author from Sydney Australia, where I live with my husband of 16 years and two furbabies Marty and Princess Alexis.

I am a full time to writing from across the genre's, currently, I have a poetry book, thoughts from Lorna published
This book is a combination of poetry from a lifetime of writing. Some are about love of a partner, family, child, and love lost. Each one has a powerful message that only you will know what it means.

There are also several that talk about pain and loss. As a sufferer from mental illness, you will find the words refreshing like someone has taken your thoughts and feelings and put them into words that express you.

My second book is Letters to Emma
These are letters written to my heavenly child: the one I carried for a short time but never got to watch grow into the beautiful woman I knew she would be. As much as it is sharing a lifetime of memories with her, it is also about me finding the strength to heal emotionally. These letters will detail the events in my life I would have told her about had she been with me.
It is also a healing process for me. There will be details of childhood abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and death. However, there will also be a story of love that breaks all barriers of time and space. This is also a tale of unconditional love and the strength of a woman that has seen and experienced so much that she bends from time to time, but she never breaks.
Read on to find out how Katherine and Calvin share a life full of love for each other and their children and how they face and cope with whatever challenges are thrown their way.

I have several more books in the pipelines including a supernatural romance, BDSM romance and a paranormal series