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About the author

What sorts of stories do I write? Well, I write books I'd like to read, about women I'd like to know, in places I'd love to live.

My women are flawed, funny, sassy and sweet. They fight hard, they work hard, and they love hard. Women who are irreverent and imperfect, strong of heart, and strong of spirit. They love their men passionately, their families relentlessly, and their friends faithfully. These women have been tried by fire and rose up out of the ashes reborn. And they will reach their hands back into that flame to help another woman out of it, every single time.

My men? Well they're handsome as sin--what fun would it be if they weren't? But they aren't pretty boys. These men work hard and they've got some miles on them. Their hands are calloused and they carry their share of scars. These men are not unlike the men I've adored in my own life-- cops, soldiers, firemen. Heroes who insist with no false humility that they're just doing their jobs. These men are strong enough to love vibrant, passionate, tough, smart women. They're strong enough to admit it when they're wrong and try to do better. And they're strong enough to stand between the woman they love and the whole damn world if need be.

Starlight Falls is a small town, so these are small town romance to be sure. But they're 'sweet with heat'. (Honey, there's a reason my Grandmother, god bless her, doesn't know I write these...)

I've loved creating Starlight Falls, and I love to revisit the people who live there. I hope you will as well.

A little about me? I write my stories from a 100 year old house with a wraparound porch; where I live with a grown daughter I love to distraction, an incorrigible corgi, and a neurotic little rescue we've been told is a dachshund mix. When I'm not writing, I grow heirloom tomatoes and I charm bees. (Yes, really.) Single mama, lover, fighter, survivor.