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About the author

My motto throughout life has been “I can handle anything except normality”. In keeping with this, I have done many different jobs and lived in a variety of cities, settings, even countries. Throughout all of this, writing has played an important role in helping me make sense of the world. The Secrets We Keep is the first manuscript I have decided to publish.
I began my career as an Accountant but realised I had to change occupation when I discovered I had a personality. I also realised I cared more about people than money. I have worked for many years in both formal and alternative education, teaching students from age 6 to 86. This includes teaching secondary school, TAFE, university, community workshops, unemployed programs, and English as another language.
Whilst writing learning materials for the government, last year, I found my brain was getting so bored it became creative, disobedient in an attempt to amuse itself. Instead of focussing on “understanding mental illness as a secondary injury” for example, scenes, characters, dialogue all started to intrude on my research. Eventually I had to listen, and start writing down the story in my head. This became my debut novel, The Secrets We Keep.
I have always been fascinated by cutting edge psychology, health, science and spirituality. I love teaching and learning about how I, we and the universe tick. And, I usually root for the underdog.
I have chosen to self-publish The Secrets We Keep in keeping with my fierce independence, curiosity and passion for learning. My aim is to release it in November 2018. Wish me luck.
I live in Australia on the Victorian Coast with my partner, Michael, and our Kelpie, Molly. I cannot live without nature, solitude, animals, open-minded people or butter.
Writing The Secrets We Keep has been a thrilling, emotionally intense and very personal experience. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to hear your feedback and would especially appreciate it if you could write a few words as a review on Amazon, Goodreads or wherever you may have purchased it.
I am currently working on a new novel in the same genre and hope to finish it sometime towards April 2019.
With warmth and humour
D. R. Coghlan