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About the author

We are all born with so much potential but many of us are wounded in one way or another early in our journey. How we grow through these challenges (or not) is something I find intensely interesting.
This is what motivates me to write. I want to be able to connect readers to characters and stories that will resonate with their own journey, the personal struggle for wholeness that we all have. My writing features themes of emotional healing, personal growth, relationships — including love, romance, sex, and travel and nature. Often this comes with a few giggles and some silent tears.
Throughout my life, writing has played an important role in helping me make sense of the world. Increasingly I find myself focussing on womanhood, what it means to be a woman, what we go through, what "floats our boat". And I like to do it in a bit of a gritty, realistic way, without fluff and nonsense.
I have chosen to self-publish my works in keeping with my fierce independence, curiosity and passion for learning.
Writing, for me, is such a thrilling, emotionally intense and very personal experience and I would love to hear what you think.

With warmth and humour
D. R. Coghlan