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About the author

I've always been a storyteller first then a writer. The most important aspect for me is a great story that is compelling and captivating! I believe inspiration is the foundation in each novel I write or short story. I used to be a ghostwriter for 8 years. I feed off of good writers work as inspiration. Reading is just as important to me as writing. I love the books that beg me to stay up late at night. Despite the stories I submit from my site for free in between novels, I look for the love I once had and wish to find with Sparks.

Writing has always been my dream since I could remember. In my novels, I prefer unreliable narratives or protagonists. I think every writing work shop or college should discuss 'ON WRITING' by Stephen King. It's the holy bible for any adoring writers and just as valuable to authors.l I live in New York but travel to the west coast.
I think as I grew up and turned 13, the novel that left an imprint on me was Catcher in the Rye. Salinger had writen such a unique voice for that novel. It was so ahead of it's time and it became timeless. The writer in me loves Cormac McCarthy with his prose, but the story teller in me always liked Sidney Sheldon.

My family and close friends can find me writing all the time. Sometimes, I swear my life is the Truman Show or Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Writing is my outlet in life and turns the volume down. It's my escape to another world. I would say at this early stage, I'm known for my story concepts. I submit a lot of shorts I've written but my debut novel is available Dec. 17 2018. It's the first book out of a young adults trilogy.
I never write YA, but I've found it so refreshing and fell in love with the characters and world I built. I write stories with a lot of twists that [email protected] the reader and often feature a narrative that is suspicious.

Lastly, something that's very significant for me, I do this to connect with the reader. I want my words to reach you and effect you. Leaving reviews really sparks the fuse to my writing each time I read one. (Considering I deserve it) Please, tell me what you felt and thought about any work of fiction I publish or submit.

It also helps support me and enables me to keep writing & sharing my stories and my goal is for you to read the short stories I have and become confident enough to invest in my novels upcomming.
I've learned from writing and publishing a book that writing it is the easy part. The real work is after and then hope is it reaches people.