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About the author

Believe it or not, Hooter started as a doodle in the margins of a school book. Whenever I was bored in class (quite often) and my mind was drifting, my pen would start to scribble, almost with a life of its own. There on the page, this bright, fun, big-nosed, character would appear and invariably make me smile; even in maths. Good on you Hooter! I was never quite sure if I found him or he found me, but it's a pleasure having him around. And now I get to share him with the world.

Writing books for kids is a fantastic privilege. I've studied Creative Writing from degree to Masters level, but there's still no greater thrill than finding a funny rhyme. As a child I immersed myself in the worlds created by Dr.Seuss and Roald Dahl. Now I create my own worlds, where children can learn, explore and play (or as my daughter would say, imaginate!) It's really an honour and so much fun.

But, even better that, all the time Hooter's connecting - there's something about him that clicks with kids, turning them into his friends. The word keeps spreading and it's a beautiful thing..... a Hooter full thing! Long may it continue.