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About the author

Jenica Saren is an American indie author, based in a state that's none of your business.
She's magnificent, amazing, an experienced pole dancer, three-time karaoke champion, passionate chef, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She manages all of this, and somehow is still so gracious and humble. (No, she didn't tell me to write that.)
Jenica resides under the tyrannical leadership of four cats and one toddler: Nala, Wilde, Rome, Night Ninja, and Ryder. They all have strict policies regarding her personal space, which is to say that she is allowed none.
She enjoys books, video games, and sometimes even her husband. She doesn't like to admit it, but inside of her is a screaming teen white girl, that craves Starbucks, gossip girl, and says way too many OMGs. Jenica tries to feed her at least twice a week. (She needs her strength for sale season!)