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About the author

Nick Botic is a horror writer from Milwaukee, WI. Though he has been writing for over a decade, it wasn't until 2015 that he decided to take the craft seriously. In one short year he amassed several thousand followers by having story after story consistently reach the #1 spot on the popular Reddit community NoSleep. He is the author of the viral, award-winning story "Daughter's Drawings", which drew millions upon millions of readers and received narrations form some of the most recognizable voice actors the internet has to offer.

In addition to his own work, Nick recently took up the title of publisher. After becoming an admin in a group of nearly 600 other horror authors, he found his true calling when he took the reigns form the previous person who handled publishing, and is in charge of that duty for any and all of those authors who want to get their work out to world beyond just posting it online.

Be it through his own brand of terrifying words or those of the authors he is in league with, Nick Botic has one goal: to bring fear and quality work to all those who seek it.