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About the author

I write general fiction and erotica. My love affair with writing began when I was a wee lass, I was always writing journals and then at the tender age of 16 my father gave me a manual brother typewriter for my birthday not been the most patient of people I didn't learn to type the conventional way, no I wrote my very first novel while trying to learn how to type. I still can only type with three fingers lol.
I have written a total of 30+ novels since then and lots of short stories.
When I'm not writing (Which is rare, my insomnia is well known lol) I collect old and rare books and my prize book is a first edition of Emile Zola The Human Beast. I like to cook, spend time with my family, whose love and support has been my rock. I enjoy sailing and love to travel. Every summer I spend in my hideaway in beautiful Sweden by the lake, where I have taken many inspiring and creative shots with my camera, which is rarely out of my hand..yes I photograph everything...