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About the author

Brian Stephen Alexander is a writer from Newcastle, North East UK, who has been writing stories for most of his life, the vast majority being in the genre’s meant to give readers shivers and maybe an odd nightmare or two.
‘I was a huge fan of the Hammer horror movies as a boy and Friday fright nights in front of the fire watching Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and the like, sparked a passion for the macabre and supernatural that has remained with me ever since. Indeed, my first ever story was titled: Frankenstein’s monster’s twin, penned as an eight-year-old and I am happy to say I still have the small book it was written in, designer cover and all.’
Brian’s early influences were such luminaries of the genre as Dennis Wheatley, Ray Bradbury and HP Lovecraft, who made horror writing an art form in the first half of the twentieth century. Whilst this was a fine literary introduction to the craft it was not until Brian hit his teens and came across the master storyteller Stephen King that his imagination went in to overdrive.
‘Stephen King changed the whole landscape of popular fiction because he proved that the story was the most important factor in a novel, with or without fancy prose. I consider myself more of a fireside storyteller than a literary genius, but I leave others to decide whether my stories are worth a read.’
Despite penning a full-length novel in his twenties and countless short stories and novella’s, publication was a distant dream back in those days. He therefore shelved his writing ambitions to build a career in finance, although occasionally dabbling in his first love during that time, producing a second unpublished novel in the noughties.
That novel was re-written and became Brian’s first published eBook on Amazon, with the new age of easy self-publishing inspiring Brian to go back to his writing, knowing he now had the opportunity to actually reach an audience.
‘My first ambition is to entertain people with stories that will intrigue, surprise and at times, hopefully, scare. Even at my time of life, the journey has just begun.’