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About the author

Rowan Porter is a 27-year-old gay man currently living in a small condo in the heart of Miami, Florida.

Residing with his inspirational feline muse, a gray Scottish Fold kitten named Naga, Rowan has been writing and exploring his imagination since he was a small child. A somewhat shy individual himself, he loves creating rich fantasy worlds inhabited by strong, fully-realized characters accented by their own lovable flaws.

Longing for love and overcoming obstacles to find one’s true mate are on-going themes in his MM books. Written from his own desire to live in a world more diverse and understanding, Rowan thrives in layered world-building that showcase the complexities of characters’ lives to help readers understand their choices in a better, more in a three-dimensional way than is typical for the genre.

Rowan knows that the support and encouragement he has experienced on his own journey, both as a writer and a gay man, from family, friends, his peers, and readers have inspired him to go after his dreams and indeed be himself. In that spirit, he is determined to pay it forward by putting positive energy and inspiration out into the ether.

A firm believer that love truly conquers all, he hopes to illuminate the darkness through the light of his dragons. Rowan is always determined to remain accessible to readers and be that beacon for those wandering and longing to be found.