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About the author

Daughter of a Colonel, Janet lived the military life until she got out of high school. At that point she was a self-described wild child. She got married and moved to Canada where she lived up the Sechelt Inlet, the scene for her YA novel, Spellcast Waters. She lived in a log cabin, with wood heat and a wood cook stove fifteen miles by boat from the nearest town. She’s moved a lot. Between the military upbringing and just rambling around the country, she’s moved 40 times. She understands settings.

She lived in Hawaii and worked as a polo groom for fifteen years, then moved to Florida where she became a reporter. For ten years she covered kids in high school and middle school. Kids as athletes, kids doing amazing things no matter how hard their circumstances. It impressed her, and it awed her. “How wonderful teens are. They have spirit and courage in the face of the roughest time of their lives. High school is a war zone. Between dodging bullies, school work and after school activities, teens nowadays have a lot on their plate. I wrote stories about them and I photographed them. My goal was to see every kid in their local newspaper before they graduated.”

Janet love kids and horses, and she paints and writes. Now she lives in the swampland of Florida with too many dogs and her fifteen-year-old granddaughter. She started to write young adult fiction with the help of her son, Gabe Thompson, who teaches middle school. Together they wrote a young adult science fiction novel which will eventually be a series, and have a middle grade book out, Voodoo Child, another, My BFF is an Alien, and one she wrote solo, Spellcast Waters. Vagrant was named a Finalist in the International Book Awards contest and was a Green Apple Special Selection winner.