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About the author

Chloe Grey (okay, this whole writing myself in third person thing is weird, just saying) is an ex-librarian who spent most of her childhood dragging her dad to bookstores for the sole purpose of spending his hard-earned money to buy books.

Oddly enough, after all that, and during her adult life, she never really knew what she was passionate in. Going out to meet old friends might seem awesome to many, but for Chloe? That was a literal nightmare. Because the dreaded 'so what do you want to do in life?' question always, always seemed to sneak its way into those conversations.

After trying a bunch of stuffs and being dissatisfied, Chloe decided to give writing a go. Writing short stories had been a small success, but most importantly--she actually liked it. For the first time in so many years, she actually felt alive--apart from scrapping up loose change and going to the nearest bookstore.

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