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About the author

Lion Key grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, a country tucked away in the corner of the world where sheep are plentiful, and the Hobbits of The Shire roam the lands. His passion for writing is greatly influenced by many well-known authors such as J K Rowling, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson and Stephen King to name a few. He was 23 when he realized he wanted to pursue a career in writing. He would like to say a dream is what sparked his idea for his novel, but it all began in his awake mind, and soon the world building seed was planted.

​Lion Key was not named after an animal and a piece of metal. Lionel Kake is his true name, but he decided to change it so people don’t confuse his surname with a dessert. So, he made it Key; the sound of the last syllable of his surname. His neighbour used to say to him, “Where’s the keys, Kake?” And that’s how it came to be. Lion, on the other hand, is something he associates with himself—strong, determined, hungry and ready to attack. Though, his sigil is the Hufflepuff badger (which he detested at first), but he just chucks on a mane and he’s ready to go.

​At a young age, picking up a book was enjoyable, but it wasn’t as enticing until the moment he began reading his sister’s Harry Potter books. And then it was him waiting for the next installation in the series to arrive, and his sister’s collection no longer belonged to her.

He wrote Angels of the Arch wanting to take a spin on nature and turn it into something magic. He took snippets of inspiration from different books, ideas, religions, cartoons, T.V. programmes and movies. Fused into one, an original concept was born.