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About the author

We all know real life, real people, and real love aren't always roses and rainbows. I do my best to keep my characters, and their love, as real as possible, even if that includes an occasional stereotype or insta-love. Let's face it. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and love at first sight is a real thing.

So, if you're good with those things, and with: dirty-talking, overprotective alpha males as heroes, and strong, smart heroines; sexual tension and steamy sex scenes; a man willing to do anything, even kill, for the woman he loves (and sometimes the other way around)... Well, then you might love my books. If those things make you squeamish, these are definitely not for you.

In case you've just found me, I'm Aden, a male romance author in a female dominated world. I live in the south eastern US, in the middle of nowhere, with the wife of my dreams, Elyse. We have a few fur babies, and a horse named Joe.