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About the author

Hi. I am a writer living in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon. You can find me at the local library, more often than not, working on my latest novel. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, first picking up a love for the written word at the age of four. I was sick a lot, and we didn't have TV so entertainment was books. I was six when I first started writing a book of my own and have been involved with writing projects ever since.

I've battle my way through mental illness, having lost the ability to do most things due to medications and eventually fighting my way clear of it all. I found myself in my late twenties wondering where the heck the time went. As the fog cleared, the compulsion to write grew. I completed my first novel in 2016, and released it the following year through Amazon. Since then I have released three other titles, and have no plans on ever stopping again.

I don't consider myself a genre writer. I've written four books in three different genres now, with a new one underway that pushes into yet another category. I believe a good store should be allowed to happen, rather than trying to force myself along a particular set of constraints. It's more important to get the story right, rather than worry over much if I'm easily fitting into a well-defined category.

My hope is to inspire others to reach for their dreams. No matter how grim things seem, one should never give up that which makes them unique. The best way I know how to share this philosophy is to live it, and so I continue writing.