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About the author

Kay Simone has a thing for oldies, leather jackets, secret poetry, tattoos, whiskey, and every other bad boy cliché in the book.

Simone loves stories that make her laugh, think, and cry in equal measure -- but only if there is a happy ending waiting on the last page. She strives to write characters who are flawed, real, and worth the time of a reader. Whether she's writing about snowdrifts in rural Washington or the daily summer thunderheads of Florida, Simone feels that each setting is a character, too.

After working on a short project that swelled up into a full-length romance novel, a friend proposed the unthinkable: why not start publishing? Simone made the plunge by publishing short, erotic ebooks in December 2015 under the pen name "Kay Decker," and still revisits these worlds from time to time for a quick and dirty writing vacation. (For more about these stories, visit

In her past lives, Simone was editor in chief of a newspaper, managing editor of a lit mag, a librarian, a website voodoo expert, and a cupcake baker. Kay Simone lives in Florida where she blogs, podcasts, and writes full time.

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