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About the author

I am 24 years old, Melbourne, Australia based.
My pen name is C. Renee.

My love for writing and reading romance novels has no end, I feel as though one person can never have enough books. Whether it be an ebook or a paperback and hey, audio is a thing too.
I have been reading books ever since I can remember but I know for a fact that I won't stop and neither should you!
Through my love of writing I hope to inspire my readers.

When I don't have my head in the books whether it be writing down crazy ideas or reading the work of amazing authors, I spend my quality time with my family.

You may think I live a lonely life if I told you my only friends are my characters, well part of that is true but my very best friend is my fiancé and our two fur babies. (cliché I know)
He truly is my rock when it comes to anything I'm faced and I wouldn't change that for the world.

I am Australian born and bred, but I do have English and Scottish grandparents so that makes me a little bit cooler.
I hope to one day travel the world, to see many exciting things and of course to meet my readers.

To my readers, don't hesitate about contacting me because chances are I'm always willing to have a chat.