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About the author

Josephine Barly was born on August 6, 1987, two minutes before her younger twin sister, Abby. And though they may look the same and they both write, their interests couldn't be more diverse.
Joey lives for crime and romance novels, she doesn't like to travel much and spends as much time as she can bingeing on Netflix and taking care of her dog, Maple.
A professional translator, her writings are the perfect outlet for the creative bug that bit her since she was a child and that she cannot otherwise control.

Her favorite reads: anything by Charlaine Harris, Marian Keyes and Liliana Hart.
Her favorite series: Orange is the New Black, CSI and How I Met Your Mother.
Her favorite pastime (besides Maple): 9Gag.
Her favorite music: instrumental soundtracks.
Her favorite meal: mac & cheese.