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About the author

I grew up believing I was a "dunce". A cruel name for those of us who have/had learning difficulties, but then I was born in 1961. Hopefully, we have moved on and are not so critical of ourselves? I am dyslexic and my struggle to read and write English meant I had to have extra English lessons growing up and I missed out on learning another language such as French. This exclusion convinced me I was stupid. Although I left school with typing skills I couldn't face the interviews as nerves made me shake too much. Instead, my first job was washing up dishes in a restaurant. I still say sentences back-to-front and can't spell for toffee! But with the empowerment of 'spell-check' and with the help of friends, I have fulfilled my dream of becoming an author.

When I was little my Nan used to fill my head with magical tales, as we walked through the forest she would tell me there were Fairies and Pixies everywhere and I believed her. The beauty of magic and mystery never left me and I used to make up tales for my lads when they were young.

I am a complete book lover and love it when I find a new world that I can get lost in. This became my dream, that I could write a story that people could escape their own life for a short time and get lost in Talia, the world I created.

You have to have a dream for a dream to come true. I have the dream, I've spent twenty-five years of my life writing, re-writing, editing and re-editing Idi & The Oracle's Quest to create that dream.