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About the author

Breanna J. Marshall, known to the writing industry as Author Breanna J, is a 25 year old author, hailing from Rochester, NY. She is hitting the scene with her debut novel, "In The Name of Love," due to release at the end of January. She started writing at the age of 7, using poetry to express herself in her times of loneliness. The urge for writing novels came when she knew that her love of writing was good enough to share with the world. Her goal in the industry is to take the success she receives and help young girls with low self-esteem. She hopes that her writings show those that have low self-esteem and have the unfortunate circumstance of living in bad environments that things get better. She wanted them to understand that God and faith is the key. Coming soon is her short story, "The Cost of Love," and another novel titled, "No More Secrets."