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About the author

Jon O'Connor is a husband and father of three kids. Jon grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Florida at age ten where he's been ever since. Writing has been a journey that started when his twin boys entered middle school a couple years ago and they would struggle to get into reading books during a critical time of their lives. Some boys can get into reading and find it enjoyable, but Jon himself along with his boys often found reading to be a chore. The Drex character was inspired by the clever and witty characters Jon loved growing up, like MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes. Jon brought in inspiration of other stories which also have real-world adventures tied to them, like the Beale Papers, and Forrest Fenn's treasure. The Drex story encourages readers to not only get into the adventures within the book but also become part of the experience by interacting and breaking codes and puzzles.

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