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About the author

Born and raised in Northern, Utah I grew up in a very large family with a lot of support for what I wanted to achieve and be as I got order. I started writing poetry when I was about twelve years old and from then on I have not been able to put the Pen down. It has always been such a passion of mine to be able to share something with my readers and fellow writers that can help them in some way.

I found it best to create the best image and feeling that I could for my readers in hopes to have them relate personally. I am a total nerd, I love to read and could do it every day if I had all the spare time in the world. Reading was and is an escape for me, something I can rely on when I just needed to get away for a little bit and place myself in the main characters shoes and be them for a moment. I hope that my books bring you as much joy and happiness as they have me writing them.