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About the author

Joseph Cillo, Jr. writes what he calls "Edgy Catholic Fiction." Edgy Catholic Fiction is generally written for adult audiences, at minimum teens and up. The grouping crosses genres and includes a perspective that is generally consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, which may include rather dramatic supernatural elements, as in the Exorcist or other less dramatic religious elements, which could be as simple as characters relying on prayer. The religious elements may not be overt and could well lie only in the author's general perspective or a character's perspective that there is a God, and a moral, immutable foundation to the universe.

Mr. Cillo will consider his work a full success when there is a recognized category for his fiction: Edgy Catholic. For more information, please check out

Examples of Edgy Catholic literature lie strewn throughout genres which no one has grouped together. Literary masters such as Graham Greene, Flannery O'Connor, J.R.R. Tolkien, and even, C.S. Lewis, who though not Catholic, was consistent with the Catholic perspective in his fiction, wrote works that fall into the Edgy Catholic domain. Dean Koontz, whose supernatural and suspense thrillers are written from a Catholic perspective and are quite edgy, is a more contemporary example of an Edgy Catholic author.

Joseph Cillo, Jr. has undertaken to demonstrate that compelling literature in various genres can be written backbone of a Catholic religious worldview. While his original vision was to make his point through the medium of film, resulting in the creation of three screenplay titles, “Carlton St. Michael in the Afterlife,” a comedy; “When the Wood is Dry,” a drama/crime drama, and “Blind Prophet,” a science fiction/fantasy, he has lately changed direction to reach an audience directly through the media of novels and comic books. "Blind Prophet" is being released as a series of comic books, and the screenplays for "Carlton St. Michael in the Afterlife" and when the Wood Is Dry are being reworked into novels.

Joseph Cillo, Jr. is the fourth of seven children, born within a year of his older sister in a most unplanned and yet welcome way. Having the great blessings of a loving family, however, did not prevent his drift into a sort of foolhardy extended adolescence for many years, broken only by suffering and illness, in a rather miraculous fashion. He now lives a life of quiet prayer and diligent work. His creative works have a religious and moral point of view but are best experienced by those who are wandering or tempted to wander, rather than those who already are on the right path. His fervent hope is that his diligent work may serve a greater purpose in the lives of those who encounter it, perhaps even guiding them away from folly and toward the path of holiness. But it's perfectly fine if they just enjoy a good story.