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About the author

Emilia Finn is the author of the complete Rollin On Series, and the ongoing Survivor Series, which is a Roller spinoff that includes all your old favorites. Early September 2018 will see the release of Marc Macchio’s long awaited book, with a surprise installment coming soon after. Surprise!

With nine full length books already published, translating to well over one million words, she has several more slated to release in the later months of 2018 that’ll easily swing her past two million published words.

With a secret Roller project coming soon, she’s definitely busy in the book world, but in her private world, she’s chasing after her toddler children. Her biggest goal on any given day is that they at least eat something she cooks. Anything!

Emilia is a proud independently published author with zero plans to go the traditional route. That’s just not who she is. Some call it independence. Her husband might call it stubbornness. Whatever it is, it doesn’t change the quality of story she consistently puts out for her loving fans.

Emilia, born waaaay inland in NSW, Australia, now enjoys spending her time with her babies, her books, her husband, and in her local fight gym. She’s fought competitively in many full contact, no padding, bare knuckle fights over the years, and she has a big display shelf FULL of pretty trophies to show for it.

Although romance is her official genre, her books are best known for family, friendship, sisterhood, and empowering women. She teaches you how to fight your foes on your own. Women don’t need to be saved.