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About the author

Zack Kaplan was born in Long Branch, NJ. Like any ordinary reverse Benjamin Button, started life as a tiny baby and is now an adult; with a few hiccups along the way. At age twelve was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease and his treatment protocol consisted of both chemotherapy and radiation. Disappointed that the only super power radiation granted him was no super power, he quickly came to the realization that this illness was all downside. While the hair-loss was fun, it was also quite off putting. His parents' equal parts naive and thrifty, decided an old-lady wig from a old-school wig shop was the best way to circumvent any self-consciousness he would have in Junior High School. It took one day for him to realize he looked like Estelle Getty and opted to just where hats. Like a Phoenix that rises from ashes, this period of time, shaped his sense of humor and gave him his unique perspective, both clearly apparent in his 'voice' when writing. "Three Graves," currently available, is fast, funny, revenge crime thriller. His writing influences are Chuck Palahniuk, Elmore Leonard, James Ellroy, and screenwriters, Quentin Tarantino and Shane Black.