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About the author

Do you love science fiction and fantasy with high stakes and a diverse cast of characters? Are you looking for queer-friendly SF/F written by an asexual, agender author? Are you happy to encounter the occasional bit of Christianity as long as it’s not used as a bludgeon against the mere existence of people like you?

I know it’s a weird combination, but I get a lot of reviews saying things like “tremendously imaginative and beautifully written, but the author has an agenda…” And yes, I do.

My agenda is firstly to tell good stories. But secondly, it’s also to do my tiny bit towards creating a world in which women, LGBTQ people, people of colour, disabled people etc are no longer considered to be inherently political. Besides, stories with lots of different kinds of people in them are always going to be more interesting than the same white bread default over and over again.

At the same time, I am a person of faith, and my belief that God loves everyone is going to turn up in my books whether I intend it or not.

If that sounds okay to you, fantastic! These should be the books for you. If not, proceed at your risk and remember that you were warned.