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About the author

Marie saw a few UFOs when very young, along with many other Arizona kids and adults at the time. From those early experiences, and with an innate belief in a Creator of all that is, Marie contends that we “humans aren’t special”. We may understand this when we have our first encounter – whether that’s via radio waves or terrestrial visitation. Regardless, we are ill-prepared.

“Interstellar Aliens will be Utterly Benevolent or Utterly Ruthless, with No In-between. In Our Omniscient Ignorance, We Call Out to Them – Yet Have No Plans at Their Arrival.”

As nominal beings in a universe of countless trillions, we are doing nothing to ensure the long-term survival of our species. Nothing. Existential risks lie ahead as we stumble through our self-created jungles of fear, entitlement, and self-absorption. Have we executed a plan for genetic manipulation of our beings or other life forms, or sensient AI that views us a risk to its existence, or human consumption that threatens earth’s viability? Our answer of silence belies our omniscient ignorance.

Science fiction and the reality of the human condition precipitously collide in the first book of Marie’s series “The Space In Time” in Fall 2018 – The Space Between Her Thoughts, with a second in the series arriving early 2019. Praying there is still a chance that humans are not beyond the precipice with no hope of grasping the ledge, Marie is releasing in late 2018 – Disassembling the Devil – Stoic Self-Actualization for a Different Life. Beyond fiction, this book may help people take the first step in recognizing they are separate from their most fearful and entitled human attributes.

When not writing, Marie perpetually exercises, does martial arts, meditates, and lets the dogs out. Join with others for news, reveals, updates and more by signing up at Connect with her at [email protected]