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About the author

For as long as I can remember I've loved reading (well over thirty years by now!) Stories are what make us human, they help us grapple with difficult emotions and themes that we would struggle to identify otherwise. They provide a stage for us to fight our demons and to dream of a better future.

And I believe it's time that I give something back.

In the same way reading a good story during a storm, bundled up in bed used to make me feel, writing now gives me that same pleasure. That catharsis. I want to share the characters and worlds that nobody is telling you about. I want to write you a story.

So, let me take you on a journey.

Whether it's just for a night, on your lunch break before another stressful day of work, or on the bus, the train, plane, or subway. Maybe you'll be like me, and have an all-day bender of binge-reading because you just can't get enough of the world and the characters that you've grown so attached to, so invested in.

Maybe you'll love them like I do. For however long you choose to spend in my worlds, I welcome you, and hope you enjoy your stay with every fiber of my being.

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Twitter: @JamesTCallum