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About the author

Ferdy. S.G. Dumel graduated in International Relations in good, old Amsterdam. Having worked in the media - TV, print, internet - for over fifteen years he went overseas and decided to devote himself to writing. Pandora’s Matryoshkas, his quirky, kinky American debut is a sly psychological thriller, a chastening mind f* totally ‘out of the box’.

This dark suspense novel differentiates; by design the plot moves a tad slower than the work of some authors, who have chosen Russia for their mis-en-scène, to build up to a climax, when the rug is being yanked out from underneath you. The book has rapidly found its way to German and Russian readers. The later prefer Pandora’s Matryoshkas over other American suspense novels.

You can find Dumel tweeting about ‘Leadership glitches and gains’, and when he’s not writing, he’s blogging about some of his favorite topics: Francis Bacon, Talking Heads, Nirvana, Russian dolls and more. He’s an ardent fan of quality drama, like in the work of Bulgakov, Dexter, Stanley Kubric or Roman Polanski. An ultimate weak spot has he got for the Ukrainian borsch cooked by Elena, his muse, while he adores French crepes well-served in the Provence, slumbering autumn evenings in Athens, or the as ever lovely early spring days in Tuscany. In summer, he’s into Ashtanga yoga on the shores of the Black Sea. ‘Namaste, bitches!’