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About the author

Brandy Orcutt is a writer of erotic Fiction.

My First series, Call Center Confessions, was inspired by actual thoughts I had when I worked in a call center. Of course I never acted on any of those thoughts but I figured they would make good reads for those of you who have also spent time daydreaming at work.

Another series that will be included soon is the "My Sexy Task" series. Have you ever played a game with your loved one where you gave each-other task, dared them to do things? The fun in this series are completing the tasks or dares.

Most of my works include male/female interactions, fantasies and other erotic thoughts and perversions that has crossed my mind throughout my years. There are some that are indeed real life stories, can you guess which ones?

Visit me at for more info. Please make sure you follow this page so you will know of my new releases.


Brandy Orcutt