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About the author

A citizen of Britain and New Zealand, I live in exile in the sunnier of the two. With twenty-three novels published, I'm always writing something. My husband would say I'm cranky and my children that I'm crazy. My mother thinks I'm cute so that puts me somewhere in the middle. I'm an introverted creative and am told I'm too hard on myself. I have an honours degree in English from a Welsh university but absolutely detest anything requiring the use of numbers, having been diagnosed with dyscalculia which is a form of number blindness, in my thirties. The most sensible decision I've ever made was to accept the ring from my boyfriend of 5 weeks over 28 years ago. The craziest thing I've ever done is emigrate to New Zealand on a one-way ticket with my husband and four small children, even though we'd never even visited before.

My favoured genre is women's mystery fiction, but I've also released novels in the fantasy and teen fiction genres. I love chatting to readers and answer all my own mail. Come find me and see what I’m up to.