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About the author

I am a certified book whore who has been getting lost in the words of others for years. After going through a tough time a few years back, I decided to put pen to paper as a means to heal. Stories started coming out of nowhere and the decision was made to self-publish. I live in Connecticut with my rescue pup Jazmine. Coffee is my elixir of choice, followed closely by good sangria, or captain and coke. Music is playing 24/7 around me and I am often singing along (watch those ears, I never claimed to be a good singer). Fall and football season are my preferred time of year (Go Pats! And Julian Edelman is my husband. I hav the shirt to prove it.) I live in flip flops year round (except when mother nature showers me in that blasted white stuff New England is known for in the winter). I swear like a sailor, sarcasm is my first language, and I have an addiction to finding the perfect quote for any occasion. I love to connect with new people, so don’t be shy.