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About the author

My name is Samantha. I'm the author of LIFE AFTER PHANTOM: OPERA EROTICA and the sequel, THE PHANTOM & THE WITCH'S CURSE, an incredible love story about the Phantom of the Opera.

There are many fascinating secrets woven throughout this two-part series, which I cannot reveal to you, except to say it's a mixture of truths and phantasies intertwined that will take you on an incredible journey. Many details are based on real events that happened in a different place and time.

As a journalist, my style of writing is quite different from most novelists. Although I’m no Ernest Hemingway, I relate to him as he was a journalist turned novelist who also wrote in a simpler form. He had the same blood disorder that I do, hemochromatosis, otherwise known as the Celtic Curse.

While writing this phantasmic story, I searched for months looking for my Phantom. At the very end, when I had almost given up, I discovered Francisco Kiss who looks exactly like Erik as I envisioned him in my mind. My photos were used to portray the heroine, Catherine. Between the two books, there are about 1,100 pages and 75 images that I created to bring the characters to life.

I hope readers enjoy my novels. Happy reading. Hold on to your seats!