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About the author

I am a gay male that writes nonexplicit LGBT stories based mostly on real events that create profound changes, ideas, and messages within life. My stories are very short and all of them on here are entirely free. I write mostly dark stories because the truth in life is that not all moments are happy. People relish in stories that are only filled with happiness, but we do not live in such a world. Literature tends to be filled with happy endings, and while it is okay to relish in positivity, I believe it is equally important to recognize key aspects that make us the individuals we are-- For example stores about: Accepting the identity that gays often struggle with at an early age. Relationships and the bumps that are inevitable in gay relationships. Loving a man that will never love back.

My primary goal in these short stories is to make points that get the reader to think beyond the norm. They are also written to entertain.

I hope you will sign up and follow me. It is also my hope that you will comment. Beyond any of these request, I ask that you value this the most: I hope you gain something from writing. If you do not, then I have failed you. I have failed as a writer.

If you want to know more about me and get information on free books or stories, please view link at the bottom of my stories provided. It will bring you to a page where you can sign up for a mailing list that is only used to alert you of new material. Within it, I frequently discuss how the ideas of my stories got generated and oddities about me that might interest you.