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About the author

Hargrove Perth is an award winning author in the paranormal genre who uses the world around her as inspiration for her novels. Inspired by the great authors of our times to create memorable characters, she is also inspired by the epic faery-tales related to her as a child. She currently resides somewhere in the Midwest with her husband and her adored black cat, in a nondescript little house filled with unlimited dreams, and the open invitation for a vampire to visit any time they like.

2010 Most Prolific Author by AKG Magazine
2014 Author of the Year Award by Double Decker Books in Historical/Horror Dark Days Remy Broulette
DDBA 2015 Author of the Year YA Fantasy Miss Crabtree's School for Unnaturals
DDBA 2015 Nominee YA Fantasy Chronicle:Dark Sea Triad
DDBA 2015 Author of the Year Horror (comedic) Coven Wives.
2018 Author Academy Awards Nominee/Semi Finalist Author of the Year Sci-fi Dystopian for Slither