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About the author


Pebbles Lacasse has been writing this genre for just over a year. Previously, she wrote and self-published six sci-fi and mystery novels under a different author name. Being that her writing talents kept leaning toward love stories involving explicit sexual acts, she changed the path she was on and set forth on a more exciting venture.

She believes that we all have different ideas of what is considered to be sexy and erotic. Each person has their own kink, whether they want to admit it or not. Her only hope is that reading her books will help them to recognize that no matter how bizarre you may think that act is, there are others who share that same turn-on. You are not alone.

Pebbles has been happily married for many years and has two adult children whom are living out their own destinies. Although her heart aches to be near them, they too have paths that they must travel. So long as their journeys lead home now and then, her life is grand.