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About the author

Under the pen name Red Hope, Lillian has been writing femslash fanfiction since 1999. She first started with Xena Warrior Princess and expanded into other fandoms over the years but always into a new fandom that recognized strong women. Today, she mostly publishes sci-fi, historic, fantasy, and romance LGBT books.

At an early age, she loved creating stories and dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist or Astronomer. However, as a typical college student, Lillian’s original dream, as well as idea of an English Lit major, never panned out. She did graduate with a business degree in Information Systems thanks to her love for computers and technology.

Lillian was born in Maryland in 1982 and enjoys living on the quiet Eastern Shore of Maryland. She works part-time and focuses full-time on her writing as both a fanfiction writer and a published author. Her hobbies include raising chickens, gardening, flying airplanes, boating, and traveling abroad.