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About the author

Brittany Brown was born in New York and grew up in the borough of Brooklyn. Following her graduation from university, with a degree in English literature, she took a job in a prominent Fortune 500 company.

Quickly realising that working in corporate America was not her thing, Brittany took a one-way plane ticket to Australia and spent the next 6 months backpacking around the continent. From there she visited India, Egypt, Rome and London, before finding herself back in the USA again.
Her travels opened her eyes and despite having to find a job to pay the bills, Brittany had already decided that she was going to become a full-time writer of contemporary romance and has worked hard to make that dream come alive.

In her spare time, Brittany still likes to travel when she can. She enjoys getting out of the city and spending time in quieter places and loves to cook for her friends, using some of the recipes she picked up on her travels to impress them. She also devotes time to helping out at an animal shelter and has rescued two dogs who live with her in her Staten Island home.

The future is looking pretty good for Brittany as she continues to write more of her exciting brand of romance and she hopes to bring her books to as wide an audience as possible in the years to come.