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About the author

Martii Maclean lives in a tin shack by the sea, catching sea-gulls which she uses to make delicious pies, and writing weird stories. She likes going for long bicycle rides with her cat, who always wears aviator goggles to stop her whiskers blowing up into her eyes as they speed down to the beach to search for mermaid eggs.

Or how about this……

Martii Maclean writes fantastical, adventurous tales for children and teens and sometimes adults. She was born in Sydney, Australia and now lives in Brisbane with her husband Trevor and her cat Minerva.

Martii has worked as an educator and librarian, allowing her to share her love of stories and of story-telling with many young people. This has given her precious insight into what makes a story enjoyable.

Many young readers have asked her for help as they search for stories filled with the odd, the weird and the unexpected. This has inspired Martii to create thought-filled stories that explore the wonderful world of ‘what if’. Find out more about Martii and her stories at