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About the author

Q. Zayne grew up on fairy tales and is prone to prolonged daydreaming and fantasizing, often of the erotic variety.

Thanks to inspiration from authors such as Anais Nin, Anne Rice, Tanith Lee, Lucy Taylor, Jean Genet, Larry Townsend, John Preston and anthologies by the magnificent fantasy and science fiction editor, Ellen Datlow, Zayne persisted in writing dark, sexual works that seemed unlikely to be accepted for publication.

Zayne's MFA and multiple certifications have been of little help covering expenses in California, so self-publishing went from being a daydream to a necessity in 2015.

For amusement, the author turns to horror movies, science fiction, throwing things for dogs, climbing cliffs, watching for mountain lions and perusing sexy photos for book covers. Making the covers, including box sets from scratch, combines pleasure and torment in a satisfying way. Zayne enjoys cartoons, old blues, esoteric practices, drives on the coast, hiking, and creative interludes with younger women and older men.