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About the author

G.H. Guzik is a writer of dark fantasy and horror, but also creates action adventure and crime stories. He writes about social issues on his blog, where you can also find his tips on writing.

​Currently working on setting his first full-length publication to print.

Author of the “Tales of the Ion Continents” series, he is also known for his articles on social, economical and environmental issues with one of which he won the ”Controversial Issue” competition in June 2015 (“Hot or Not” article on climate change and global warming available in full here).

Born in Opole, Poland, in 1979, he was educated in his hometown's III LO and then the Elizabeth College of Guernsey, Channel Islands. Later, he continued his education on a university level in Warsaw School of Economics. In his twenties, he travelled across Europe visiting nearly two dozen countries. He lived and worked in Ireland and Finland, before coming back to Poland and starting a career in finance.
His whole career was connected to communication, starting with sales and customer service call-centres, through coaching and now writing. Having joined an insurance company call-centre at entry level he climbed through the ranks to leave finance as a CEO. He kicked off careers of many of his recruited team members with coaching and man management. He cherishes experience gained from all levels of employment. So far he worked as a driver, a security guard, a bartender, an interpreter, an insurance agent, a sales executive and a financial services call-centre director,

From his early days, he admired the power of storytelling and its ability to shape the world through changing people. Having read hundreds of books, watched thousands of films and played countless video games, he decided to start telling his own stories.

Although he wrote his first science fiction story at the age of ten, pursuing the writer’s path professionally took him more than a quarter of the century. Laboriously learning the ropes he hopes to follow in the footsteps of the greatest, singling out Sir Terry Pratchett, Michael Crichton, and Neil Gaiman as his most influential masters.

Avid gamer especially hooked on good video, card, and board RPGs, but not averse to strategy games and FPS’s either. He also used to spend countless hours as a game master building worlds and stories for his friends. Finally, if time allows he likes watching sports with a soft spot for football (soccer), NBA, and cycling.
He is always happy to meet his readers, so join him on Facebook, Twitter or visit his blog to get to know him better.