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About the author

I'm Melinda R. Cordell. I'm an indie author, writing YA and MG fantasy novels and a bunch of gardening books.

I'm a former horticulturist who was the municipal horticulturist for the St. Joseph Parks and Rec Department. Now I'm a proofreader with a trick back and I am very, very grateful for air conditioning. I have written 10 books for the Easy-Growing Gardening series, which covers vegetable gardening, roses, tomatoes, perennials, houseplants, month-by-month gardening, lawns, Japanese beetles, soil-building, and many more to come.

I'm a Hamline MFA for writing for children graduate, and I write YA novels set in the midwest with tornadoes, raccoons, cool families, and teens who face powerful emotional challenges. I've been sending out novels since 1995 but have gone full indie. My first year I published 15 books -- I had a lot of polished novels I wanted to get out into the world! I'm looking to do the same this year. It's going to be a great ride. I'm loving every minute of it.