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About the author

Late one winter’s night Anaya was woken by a loud scrabbling of claws coming from the glass sliding doors in the far wall of her bedroom. She flashed a glance in the direction of the doors, but the curtains were drawn so she couldn’t see a thing. She reached over and turned on her bed light and the noise stopped – but not for long.

Determined to know what was out there, Anaya took a deep breath and pushed herself out of her bed. After she wrapped herself in her purple robe she went to her wardrobe and armed herself with one of her high heel shoes. She raised her shoe, ready to stab the sharp pointy heel into the first thing that moved, and tiptoed toward the glass doors. As she turned on the outside light the noise stopped, and everything fell quiet. The only sound Anaya could hear was the boom of her heartbeat. She reached for the curtain and, half afraid of what would be there, gripped the shoe tighter. It took all her courage to whip the curtain back.

Anaya gasped at the sight of the creature standing on the other side of the doors, its ochre-colored eyes watching her every move. Its feathers, a mixture of reds, greens and burnished gold, glinted under the outdoor lights.

She had to know what this creature was, so she pushed the doors fully open to allow enough space for the large bird to enter her house. It waddled into the middle of the room, leaving the aroma of cinnamon and pine in its wake.

It was that night that The Four Sisters series was born.

The creature was called a pyran and was a descendant of the Phoenix. But it hadn’t come from Earth; it had come from the planet of Eratus. And his name was Soleil. And Anaya could understand him.

Anaya became fixated on the stories Soleil told her, of the people and the creatures that lived on Eratus. She knew she had to share these adventures with anyone who would read them. It was her hope that by documenting Soleil’s stories, one day someone would read them and see them for what they are.

A warning.

Anaya’s prayer is that these stories aren’t discovered before it is too late for Earth to save itself.