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About the author

I love stories, I love being creative and I am totally a romantic.

You can call me Ash, I am a library assistant by day *adjusts quirky reading glasses perched on her nose* and superhero by nigh…ahem, I mean, writer, by night. As well as an amateur painter, a handicrafter, science enthusiast, science fiction and fantasy nerd…

I live for stories with heroes, in the real sense of the word, individual(s) who struggle for the achievement of their values; stories about triumph rather than tragedy, stories with happy endings, stories where justice prevails, stories that have the sense of a benevolent universe and life. I look for such stories in the books I read and I reach for such stories as the goal of my own storytelling. More importantly, this focus on fighting for values; for achievement and triumph is the goal of the story of my own life.