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About the author

Lia Peele is a British author from the North East of England. She’s my alter ego; a creation of my imagination. I resigned from my job so she can write steamy adult contemporary romance. This means I can hide behind her, and she’s given free rein to set my smutty thoughts free.

Inspired by the Kindle revolution, and success of Indie Authors, she began writing in 2015 after reading a book by an author she’s forgotten, but the story resonated with her. Lia – who hadn’t been created at this point – said to her husband, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea for a book.’

She didn't have a laptop and started writing that same night. No outline, totally pantsing it!

Forward to 2018, that book became a pentalogy and the fifth book will be published in October 2018. The series is called 'Definition of'. It is in the contemporary erotic romance genre and is written in British English.

Once Definition of Absolution is published, Lia is going to take a day off(!) and start planning the next series ...