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About the author

Erik DeLeo was born in Rochester, NY. He grew up reading fantasy and science fiction and avoiding the sun. His bookshelves were full of such novels and oftentimes people would ask, "Have you read all these?" Yes. Yes he did. After more than fifteen years as an advertising copywriter, Erik has returned to writing fiction--something he did growing up while reading all those books.

Erik just completed A Distant Moon, a sci-fi novella, and is presently working on a new epic fantasy trilogy along with some fun children's fantasy focused on talking animals. The fantasy novel and children's fiction series will be released before the end of 2018.

Erik lives in Santa Monica, California with his two dudes (cats)--Marco and Barnabas, which is now three with the addition of Caia. He doesn't charge them rent even though they eat a lot. When he's not writing, Erik enjoys reading, traveling a lot, and spending way too much on car parts. He also allows the Buffalo Bills to break his heart way too often.